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International Conference Announcement: Call for Paper 

The Intellectual legacyof Prof. Ali Mazrui and the Future of Reform and Renovation in Africa and Muslim World

Date: 26-27 December 2018

Avenue: International University of Africa-Khartoum


Throughout history, names of thinkers appeared which influenced the Intellectual life and Islamic culture and adopted a middle path in reform and renewal. It became a role model, and their effects became a resource for the facts and signs. They merged between Islamic thought and Arab - African and Western heritage, they came out with treatises drank from a world heritage resource. Among these names, a name appeared after pan-Africanism, which is Professor Ali Mazroui, who was acquainted with the illustrations of Adord Blaiden and Badomu and all the philosophers and advocates of African unity, he witnessed the emergence of the sun of independence in the Islamic and African world. He associated between Africanism and Arabism and Islam. And lived in the West, he produced a hybrid thought characterized by mediocrity and moderation Fits for a light on the road and a table in which the moderate thinkers are invited to itto draw a method and sketch its extensions in a world where ideas wrestled with its mind. and used the mechanisms of globalization and postmodernism, moving its societies from the age of industry to the digital world in anticipation of a prosperous world where intellectual theses are intermingled and where cooperation replaces confrontation, which requires consensual, accepting, recognizing and cooperating with others, and working on reviving the values of peace and renouncing violence and terrorism and to revive the spirit of intellectual production and to uphold the values of tolerance, solidarity and harmony. In addition, the Center for research and African Studies at the International University of Africa launch a global conference to be inspired by thinkers from all over the world from Africa, the Arab world and America.

A Personally who digested theses the world thinker Ali al-Mazroui with his Islamic, Arab, African and American dimensions to extract the butter of his thoughts and the positive addition of human middle thought. In commemoration of the great African academics at the level of Africa and the world, the Center for Research and African Studies is organizing a global conference to consider the intellectual heritage of Mazroui and the future of reform and renewal in Africa and the Islamic world at the international University of Africa in December 2018.

The aims of the conference

Mark the year of celebration of African scientist.

Re- read Ali Mazrouei’s legacy in the light of modern global changes.

Stand on the biological approach of Ali Mazroui.

      Consideration of the harmonious possibility between Islam and Western civilization.

·       The position of agricultural vision among theses of African university graduates.

     Orientalization of Africa's future in view of Mazrouei's vision.

The Conference's Themes 

The first Theme

The environment in which Mazroui grew up

Islam and Islamic societies in East Africa

 Ali Al Mazroui's family and its first establishment

. Mazrouei studies and his growing scientific and intellectual ability interests

The second Theme

The centrality of Africa's tripartite heritage in Mazroui's thought

. Traditional African Cultures: its Nature and Place in Al Mazrouei's Thought

. Islamic and Arab dimensions in Al Mazrouei's thought

. Christianity and African societies in Al Mazrouei's thought

. Colonialism and Liberal Movements in Al Mazrouei's Thought

. African elites between liberalism and socialism Al Mazrouei's thought

 Problems of social development and political development in Africa in Al Mazrouei's thought

 Globalization and New Colonialism: Issues and Challenges Facing the African Continent in Al Mazrouei's thought  

The third Theme

Future Prospects

. The future of African and Asian societies: issues of education, language and technology.

. Dialogue of Civilizations and the Future of Humanity in Al Mazrouei's Thought

. The role of Islam in the future of mankind in Al Mazrouei's thought 

The fourth Theme

Al Mazroui Studies

. Lack of interest in universities and African and Arab societies: reasons and ways to avoid them

. The proposal formulated by Al Mazroui himself for the care and development of his thought (full text in English - attached to this note)

Organizational procedures for the Conference

.Announcement of the conference and invite those who wish to contribute to it

 Submission of abstracts of the research within the limits of 300 words of electronic organizing committee of the Conference no later than 15 April 2018

. Evaluation of the proposed research by the Committee in the light of the summaries submitted and the declaration of the accepted owners of the need to submit completed copies of their research no later than 15 August 2018

 The Committee shall complete the necessary executive steps for the convening of the Conference not later than 1 January 2019

. After the conference, the Organizing Committee shall take the necessary steps to evaluate the research presented in it and choose what is worthy of publication after completion of its review and improvement in light of the comments and suggestions that may be prepared by the evaluators and then prepare for publication before the end of 2019 with the help of Allah.

Scientific Committee

    Prof. Hassan Makki Mohamed Ahmed- International University of Africa.

Prof. Abdulrahman Ahmed Othman

Prof. Abdul Rahim Ali Mohammed    

Professor Khider Haroun. 

Dr. Abdul Latif Saeed 

Dr. Abdullah Ali Ibrahim  

           International University of Africa.

     Prof. Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim  

Prof. Ahmed Abdal-rahim

.     Dr. Elnazeer Mohamed  

Dr. Ahmed Ali Salem  

     UAE University

  Dr. Tareq Ahmed Osman  

Conditions for participation:

The paper should not have been presented previously at a conference, scientific symposium or published in a scientific journal.

Taking into account the integrity of the language and the standards of the scientific method, while taking care of the originality of the idea within the conference themes presented above.

      The first page of the search or worksheet contains the name of the conference, its organizer, full address, researcher’s name, degree, exact e-mail, and phone number.

·       The submitted material should not exceed 25 pages, A4 size, including references, and supplements.

Place margins and comments at the end of each page, references, indexes, and appendixes at the end of the search, or worksheet.

The scientific material written in Arabic shall be accompanied by an abstract in English. A scientific article written in English or French must have an abstract in Arabic. The abstract shall be within one page or 150 words and a summary of the researcher’s biography within one page. 

Important dates

Submission of Abstracts : 1/8/2018

Notification of accepted Abstracts: 15/8/2018

Submission of Full paper:1/10/2018

Date of final approval of participation30/10/2018

     Proposed date: 26/27 – 12- 2018. 

Avenue: International University of Africa (African conference hall). 

Conference organizers:  Centre for Research and African studies, International University of Africa IUA 

All abstracts and papers send to the following e-mail

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.   

We look forward to seeing you in Khartoum in December 2018